Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Chin up, stand straight.

You know, all this while, I've been writing stuffs about what I think others would want to read about rather than writing just for the sake of writing.
This has led me to writing more on commercial stuffs and what people would want to know.
I really, really, really, like seriously enjoy reading back on old posts because basically I get to know who I were back then and realize how much or how little I've changed.

Sometimes I put too much weight on wanting to know what people think about me that I forget what I think about myself.
Something to ponder on..

I really like the saying "No one can hurt you without your permission".
And also, "You don't live to satisfy others".
Hmm, interesting.


Anyway, I just want to write so that the future me reads this :)

To the future me,

I sing a lot these days! I loveeee singing! Hope you did not forget how much you loveeee singing.
Hope that you are not too busy with work or earning money :)
Just to remind you to be who you are and not care about what others think of you.
Life is full of challenges. There would not be any rainbow without the sun(ups) and the rain(downs).
And remember, YOU are the positive energy provider to any kind of environment :)

Will write more for you to remember me :)

Listen to this!

Enjoy the future because the past can never be changed :)

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