Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another achievement in life :)

Now I can update my resume with a new education level :)
A Diploma in Accounting graduate :)
Yes, I graduated with distinction!
I am quite happy with it cause 4.0 and me, no difference =x
The only difference is that they get award and I get the name distinction. HAHAHAHA!
Anyway, I am happy enough :)

So, finally Diploma ended after 2 years + 
Friends parted :(
Some chose different course and some decided to stop their journey and start earning kaching already!
Yes, they have to belanja us the next time we meet =x

Advance Diploma for me is, new classmates, new environment and tougher time :(
Like my English lecturer says, "AFA students got no life!".
Yes, no life!
So, in other words, I AM IMMORTAL!
By having no life meaning I won't die.


1 comment:

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