Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Status differences.

It is 1.04am!
Yes, on a school night! :)
Had a great night just now with secondary school friends :)
Thanks Chee Ming for organizing this gathering a.k.a Kah Hoe's birthday celebration.

Basically, I was really happy to see faces that I haven't seen for quite a long time.
But I still want to highlight some things regarding my relationship and feelings towards my friends.

First of all, I prefer college friends because I can say that we come from similar backgrounds as in we are not poor not rich. HAHA.
Yes, we understand how difficult it is to earn hard earned cash.
So, we always hunt for cheap stuffs, especially FOOD!
So, I am quite comfortable living with them.
We go for SALES, OFFERS, BUY 1 FREE 1, 70% discount and more!
It might be a hassle for us to search for items on sales but I can say that it has became a hobby for me to hunt for deals.
I enjoy doing that!

Second point of view is I feel warmer with college friends because I ALWAYS crack lame jokes around them and make myself look like a clown and they LOVE me for that!
I realise that I make them laugh (maybe I perasan) quite often, especially when I am very tired and I start talking crap and making lame jokes to release anger, tiredness and basically stress.
I think they do not judge me for whatever type of person I am because everyone's attitude and characteristic in my group is so different that we enjoy observing each other and yet not judging whether it is right or wrong.
We might be annoying at times but we forget everything at the next moment we meet each other.
Okay, maybe I am the only person that feels like this but I don't care, I LIKE! :D

Next, I prefer hanging out with guy friends because they are VERY easy going and I enjoy listening to them crapping.
Yes, when I am in a group of guys, I start to shut my mouth and listen to their stories because as a girl, I do not experience what they experience.
I love my guy friends because they don't treat me like a sissy, instead they treat me as one of them.
Although I do not have many things to talk about with them, but I still enjoy hanging out and just opening my ears around them.

High school life was quite tough for me yet memorable.
I often cried at night but those were the things that made me know how to express my feelings in words.
Despite being not that good in studies and being surrounded by geniuses, I still graduated from high school perfectly. HAHA.
It is indeed an achievement although I am struggling now.

Anyway, life has changed a lot since high school ended @.@
I wonder where we will be in 5 years time :)

If you wanna know my updates, visit this blog and I will keep you updated!
Till then.


Hani Shaklee said...

your story makes me remember kawan2 lama..satu sekolah..we are came from the same background..lagi2 masa study kat uni..semua nak kena jimat.. daripada makan, beli pakaian..semua dah kena beli sendiri..nak harapkan mak ayah sekali sekala boleh la kan..bila dah besar ..rasa malu plak nak mintak diorg belikan tu semua..mintak duit boleh la..hahaha

Kingyo Shan said...

I guess we should all have more guy friends than girl friends, right? :)