Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is Malaysia a safe country?

Omgosh, it has been sooooo long since I last updated a post.

I'm so lazy to update on the events that I missed out on blogging.
So I'll just update on current events.

I used to think that I was a lucky girl and Malaysia was a safe country!
But after that happened the other day, my mindset was blown and I am more aware of my surrounding.

It's gonna be a long post :D

Okay, I was actually pick pocketed last Saturday.
Is pick pocketed even the right term?
I don't know.
There's no red line underneath it so I assume it is correct. LOL.

Here comes the story.

I was supposed to meet up with Angela after Mandarin class at Leisure mall.
So, I decided to take the LRT to Pasar Seni and take the U40 bus from there all the way to Leisure Mall.
When I reach Pasar Seni bus stop, the driver went to take a break.
And when he came back, everyone was cramping together to get on the bus.
When I got on the bus and sat down and put my bag on my lap, I noticed my bag zip was opened!
I quickly check and I realized that my purse was gone!
I immediately ask around whether anyone saw who was behind me and whether they saw anyone opening my bag.
Then a lady replied me and said that she was behind me but she did not see anyone opening my bag.
But she also told me that there was another guy behind me which was a Bangladeshi guy!
I quickly approach the guy (don't know where I got the guts to do that) and asked him, "Did you take my purse? Did you open my bag and take my purse? If you did, give it back to me, I won't report to the police! All my IC and cards are inside!".
He kept saying, "Bukan, bukan saya. Tak percaya boleh check".
I thought he didn't understand English so I repeated the same question in Malay!
But he didn't admit even after that.
So I went over to the bus driver and told the bus driver about it.
Then the bus driver asked me back, "Apa awak nak saya buat? Kenapa bagi tahu saya?".
Then I replied, "Takde lah, bagi tahu saja."
Then he asked me if I suspected anyone in the bus.
I said that the lady told me it was the Bangladeshi guy.
So he tried calling the RapidKL people, I spoke to them, but actually I was blurring and panicking so I got no idea what I was actually supposed to do!
Then the bus driver told me, "Nanti saya akan berhenti dekat stesen Kota Raya, suruh quarter master tolong buat spot check, you jangan bagi dia keluar!".
Come to think of it, why did he tell me not to let the guy out?
If he didn't open the bus door, obviously he cannot leave the bus right?
And I actually said, "OKOK". =.=
First noobish action.
Then when the bus stopped at Kota Raya, a little spot check was done but I don't know, half way through, the bus driver started driving again and he drove one round around Kota Raya.
Then he called me over and whispered to me, "Nanti saya berhenti kat depan sana, you lari pergi polis bergerak sana, bagi tahu dia pasal hal ini and suruh dia tolong buat spot check."
Okay, I was actually all set to run as fast as lightning to the police and ask for help.
Then he ask me,"You nampak van polis itu?".
I couldn't see! So I said, "Mana mana?".
Then he pointed again and said, "Itu, van putih tu. Dalam ada polis."
Then he opened the bus door and asked me to run!
I ran towards the van and told the 2 police over there and they were like so calm @.@
And kept asking which bus and confirming the bus.
Then they did some spot check but didn't get to find my purse :(
Finally, the bus driver asked me to follow the police and I thanked him before getting down from the bus.
The driver said that that was all he could do to help, all I can do now was to report to the police.
So I got down from the bus and I thought the policemen will bring me to the nearest police station but to my surprise, they just told me to go myself =.=
So, anyway, I walked around Kota Raya to hunt for the police station all by myself.
Was so hungry, didn't eat breakfast, but I didn't care.
Then I got lost, I didn't know where I was larh =.=
So I entered a shop, asked for directions.
The owners of the shop, which was an old Chinese couple, they offered to lend me some money but I refused to take cause, what for I want money? 0.o
All I wanted was to find the police station!
And on my way to the police station, I saw Joseph Germani!!
I was thinking, should I stop and take a picture or an autograph or should I just continue searching for the police station.
And obviously I continued walking :(
On my way, I figured, I should call someone.
So I call my bf and told him about it.
LOL, he thought I was kidnapped.
Cause the first thing I said was, "I am in deep trouble".
Okay, actually I asked quite a number of people for direction to the police station cause I've never been to that place.
I feel like a deer entering a village! (Direct translate from rusa masuk kampung!)
Then I saw a white and blue building, guessing it was the police station but was still unsure.
Then I saw a foreign man talking to a Chinese woman quite a distance from him.
He said, "Hari ni manyak panas ah?".
Then the lady answered, "Ya lah, itu Indonesia lah!".
Then when I was walking beside the lady, I started a random conversation, "Aunty, ko ko hai police station arh?". (Is that the police station?)
And she said yes.
Thank goodness, I finally reached after walking for so long under the hazy weather!
After walking quite a distance away from her already, she suddenly said, "Eh, dan hai yu go lei oi bou chong che em hai go dou!".
Then I told her no, I'm not reporting about an accident, someone stole my purse.
I thought that it would immediately be my turn to report but I waited for like 20 minutes until my turn to report =.=
And I was actually rushing to block my Public Bank debit card.
I called up my bro to get the number, smsed a few people.
But I only called the bank when it was my turn to report.
Anyway, thank goodness the thief did not use my debit card =.=

Okay, that was the whole incident.
Reading it wouldn't be funny.
I told my friend about it, she said it was so funny and was like a movie.
Come to think of it, it does sound like a movie!
When I think back, I couldn't believe the actions I took and the things I said.
It was pretty ridiculous!
Especially the part when I told the bus driver about it =.=

Btw, the things I lost was RM60+ cash, IC and 7 cards!
To make a new IC, I need to pay RM112!
Replacement fee for:
Watsons: RM12
Starbucks: RM20
Debit card: RM10
And the stamp card I collected from Chatime and Snowflakes, GONE!
Money not only stolen, to replace all those cards, got me more broke!
There goes my June allowance =.=

This is a lesson I learnt!
Now everytime I go to Pasar Seni, I feel unsafe.
I will avoid going there!
Suckish place!
Bandar Tasik Selatan is so much safer compared to Pasar Seni!

Anyway, hoping my bad luck streak has ended.
Goodbye! :)


waalllaa! said...

u buat karangan SPM ke? hehe
so pity you..my sis also kena pick pocket masa kat pasar seni..kesian dia..takde duit nak balik..nasib baik driver bas baik bagi duit kat dia balik..then, adik saya dapat call dari sorang guard bgtau dia ade terjumpa purse adik saya..dalam purse adik saya tu ada no.phone saudara kawan dia..bersambung2 panggilan sampaila kawan adik saya inform yg purse dia dah ade org jumpa kat pasar seni.then me drove her to pasar seni on the next day.. all the money was gone..about RM300..kesian dia..tapi her fault jugak coz selalu main hp sangat smpai tak perasan kat bag dia.. guard tu jmpa purse adik saya kat satu tempat tu..mmg kat situ selalu org buang purse or bag yang dirompak ..huhu..sedih betull..next time u take care ok..

``Felicia Kok. said...

Omgosh, waalllaa! Dah lama awk x comment kat blog I! And you changed ur blog link! I couldn't find you for so long! :(
Saya pun berharap ada org call me up or send back my purse cause banyak kad kat dalam :(
Thanks! You take care too!

waalllaa! said...

ade stalker kat blog lama..tu yang tukar..pastu mood nak blogging dah down..n busy plak dengan kerja..
belajar rajin2 yea..jangan sedih2 sgt..hehe

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