Thursday, January 05, 2012

Things you cannot forget.

Sometimes looking back at old pictures (school, gathering, family picture) bring tears to flow.
It is not that because you are sad.
It is just that sometimes time flies so fast that you forget to enjoy the moment.
So, pictures are there to remind you to not forget to enjoy the moment while the time passes by.
Enjoy the moment while you are on your journey to becoming successful or growing older.
It is okay to break down and cry sometimes because there is no meaning to success without failure and there is no taste of sweetness if there weren't bitterness.
If you stop and think about what you have gone through in school, some of you might not only gain education.
For those that did not gain education, you did not lose any either, you gained friendship and ways to stand up for yourself.
Education is part of our lives, it is not the whole of our lives.

People say time flies, we have got to beat time.
No, time is not your enemy.
You yourself is your enemy.
Sometimes you rush for something, or use your whole day doing something.
You forget to stop and think, if I were to use all this time for this particular thing, what about other things?
There's always time for each and every thing.

But anyway, it is totally up to all of you to give a value for time.
Children are suppose to act like children and not go for every damn tuition and get straight As.
Children are suppose to enjoy life as a child, go out to playground and play and not stay in front of the computer reading all the comments on Facebook =.=
Teenagers are suppose to find their interest in life, what subject they like and not go for every damn tuition out there just to get straight As!
I thank God that my parents did not send me to any tuition and that is why I got straight As.
A child that is not good in studying might not determine his/her future.
He/she might be a great designer, hairstylist or even the greatest magician or even an athlete!
It is never too late to start anew.
So, why don't give something new a try?
Maybe you will get something out of it and tell it to your grandchildren when you're old? :D

So, this year, I would like to learn Mandarin. YES, it is definitely something weird that came out of me @.@
I HATED Mandarin so much!
So, I hope people will help me with this :)
Thanks in advance!

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