Friday, January 13, 2012

10 days before CNY!

Well, as we all know, Chinese New Year is around the corner.
I am always shopping, so it wasn't really a challenge for me to get new clothes! :D
So, last year I went hunting for dirt cheap stuffs and ended up not wearing some.
Yea, until now, I still have some of the dresses that I have not worn yet.
If you are interested, I can post it here and sell them to you at a very low price!

Anyway, so, let me show you some of the clothes I got for myself.

This first one is a Christmas gift from my aunt :)
A Tom's Girl t-shirt! HEHE!
 Second, is a tank top I bought from Su Ann.
She sold to me for RM5! 
 And here is a top I bought from Cotton On!
 Well, that's all the tops I have for this year's CNY.
Enough for first, second and third day! :D

Here comes the bottoms!
3 different lengths of jean-style leggings!
Short, 3 quarter and long!
I bought these online.
Short for RM5.80.
3 quarter for RM5.90.
And the long one for RM8.90.
I guess this is extremely cheap right?
Check them out at
 They sell both male and female attire and shoes.
They have more of male's stuffs =.=
Anyway, I like that online shop cause the pick-up location is near my college.
If you order and go there to collect and you're not satisfied with the quality or what you see, you can don't buy!
I like that kind of service!

Next is again from Cotton On!
Trackpants and vintage-like pants for RM15 each!
Love the material!
 And again, from Cotton On, a black skirt!
RM15 too!
 I bought this shorts from a Thailand seller @.@
My college friend took me there.
It is in Genting Klang.
It cost me RM5! :D
Cute right? :D
 Done with bottoms, lets move on to shoes!
Favourite part!

This time I got 3 different type of shoes!
From left, Atlanta slippers for RM10, Voir sandals for RM18 and Jazz Star sneakers for RM25! :D

So, what do you think?
I recommend you girls to go Cotton On!
Find those below RM30!
Or you can go to!

Don't know if I will still be buying more stuffs.
Stay tune! :D

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monica said...

awww..really cheap & affordable..anyway,happy Chinese new year.. =)