Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sing out the stress!

First day of sem break!
Went out with classmates to basically celebrate sem break! xD
So, as usual, we ALWAYS go sing k.
This time Sungei Wang Greenbox!
And as usual, I will always go early.
Mum dropped me at Leisure Mall bus stop on her way to work :)
Took the public bus and reached Sungei Wang around 10.30am.
That's me =x
Then I walked from Sungei Wang, to Lot 10, to Fahrenheit and back to Lot 10 and then to Pavillion! xD
I don't really mind travelling alone @.@
It has became a norm to me :)
So anyway, Eric, Beng Keit, Yee Tong and myself went to Tokyo Street in Pav! :D
And we saw a HUGE DOMO KUN!
So we took picture with it :)

Then, after lunch we went to Sungei Wang :)
This picture was taken after the session.
From left: Wai Sing, Eric Tham and mua!

 After that, we went to Low Yat to search for some computer thingy :)
Then I guided Eric Wan to the Hang Tuah LRT station and waited for dad in Times Square.
While waiting, I went to Chatime to buy Pearl Milk Tea!
Gosh, tasty!!!
And I waited at the bus stop.
I spotted this @.@
Is Taiwan in Malaysia? 0.o
 Looks like a bracelet in the cup :)
Lovely days. Memorable too.

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