Sunday, August 28, 2011

Outdated post.

Due to finals, this post has been delayed!
This was what happened before and during finals.
Forgot what I was suppose to blog about so I'll just explain the pictures.

First, the other day I emailed to RapidKL about the overcharge and so they found that it was their system's mistake and refunded the money to me.
The system overcharged me by RM0.50 and they said that there were no other refund method but by postal order.
So, yeah! I got my postal order and it was not RM0.50 but RM1.00 :)
Next, my brother has his own name card already.
Here it is.
Banner, advertisement notices, anything, find him! :)
The other day, told ya'll that I got my birthday gift from Nuffnang right?
So, here it is! :)

Altogether, four! :)
Oh, I ate Sushi Zanmai the other day :)
The sushi shrank in size :(
It became flatter!
Below is just for entertainment so, ENJOY! :)
New hairstyle!
Eh, macam color rambut! =x
Ini, erm, for fun!
Like to paint only one finger =x
So, that's it!
Hope you enjoyed reading.
Will post more about my sem break :)

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