Tuesday, August 02, 2011

No idea at all.

Wee Haa~
My Youthsays can be cashed out and I've done the steps :D
So, now I'm just waiting!
What is Youthsays?
It is a website for youths ages 13-30 years old to spread the news whether entertainment, freebies, contest or any news concerning teenagers and EARN SOME Ka-Ching! :D
Joined the site last year but has been active only recently and I noticed it is easier to earn side income through it.
So, I'm inviting readers who wanna earn some side income to join.
Sama-sama earn larh kan? :D
Don't wait.
Even one click can let you earn RM0.20.
And the good thing is, you will know the latest news concerning youths before your other friends do :D

My first cash out!

Other than Youthsays, I'm still waiting for my Nuffnang income :(
It is increasing rather slow than I expected :(
Maybe cause not many readers read and click on my ads.
Maybe they're not interested :(
Anyhow, will continue waiting :D

Stay tune! ^^

Btw, Kotex has a new product and you can get samples too!
Click to read and ask for samples!


waalllaa! said...

so sad when read the last statement..hehe.. sabar.. nanti adalah income dari nuffnang.. mine pun not really much as expected but already cash put once and the cheque is already arrived tapi belom deposit kan lagi..hehe..tak banyak pun..tapi boleh la untuk buat belanja..kan..

``Felicia Kok. said...

I think dah nak one year dah :( Masih x dpt cash out lagi