Friday, August 05, 2011

Lee Hom fever.

Currently having Lee Hom fever!
Addicted to all his songs.
From the olden days until the latest one.
Gosh, talented people are always respected and attracted to :)
I found a picture of him being a kid @.@
He looked so normal.
Like a normal kid, duh =.=
And turned out to be this super leng zai dude =.=
Yes, it is indeed evolution!
Hey, actually he's from Brunei.
Our neighbour je kan? :D
Gosh, I think when he looks in the mirror, the mirror will break!
When he sees his reflection on the surface of the water, the water makes a hole in the middle xD
No, not because he's ugly, he is beyond perfect!
Share an old song.


waalllaa! said...

i love lee hom!!..huhu..coz he is so handsome!!

``Felicia Kok. said...

Yes, handsome and talented!
He can play all sorts of instrument!