Monday, August 15, 2011


Gosh, NOOOO!
I'm addicted to Facebook game yet AGAIN! :(
And of all time, finals :(
2 more days till final.
2 more days till the one week war :(
Look, this is me =.=


Anyss Han said...

which one is more important? of coz people will say the EXAM rite??

well,, yeah it is.. the games can wait you,, but exam date already fix... you cannot change it...

try to control a bit.. i believe you can!! you can !! you can!! :)

jia you!! fighting!! all the best ya.. :)

Hana Soffelia said...

Focus on ur exam first dear. Bila exam dh hbs, pulunlah main game tu. ^_^ Gud luck for ur exam..

waalllaa! said...

hi dear..good luck for ur exam.. don't play play (PCK words..hehe)
leave the game for a while..after exam boleh main sampai pengsan..hehehe.. good luck in ur exam!