Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sigh or not to sigh?

See the picture above?
It's not me, but that picture resembles my current problem.
The acne from my nose has shifted to my chin area =.=
Oh ya, and also to my cheek.
It's kind of depressing you know?
And then I can't complain about it at home because when I complain, as usual, mum will say, "last time people where got complain wan, got so much pimples of face also keep quiet only. Where got money go do treatment, buy facial products or eat supplements? We also live our life until now what!".
So you see?
So now I'm wondering, should I give up on finding the right product that suits my skin in preventing acne and healing them?
Or should I just follow what my mum said and leave it as it is.
Maybe God think that by having lots of pimples and acne on my face makes me beautiful?
Hmm, I don't know.
Hate to think about it but everyday I see in the mirror, that is what I see.
How to avoid?
I just can't.
I tried my best to ignore the fact that I look ugly but I can't.
Well, at least in college I don't get humiliated or teased.
That, I am thankful for.


waalllaa! said...

well..he same thing happened to me..
but it's getting reduce..but it's really take some time.. the reason why i've got too much pimple coz my face become more oily then before..
and also because I gain weight n that's maybe effect my hormone .. so i but a new facial product and supplement from SNE.. n it's getting better.. u should try dear.. or else it will be worst and will leave scar on ur face..take a good care of urself..

``Felicia Kok. said...

I already started having scars :( I'm now trying OXY cleanser and taking EPO and detox pills. Need to wait and see. Thanks for your suggestions!

Anyss Han said...

well,, hello there.. found your post at innit... :)

refere to your post,, i guess you don't have to worry.. it's all because of the hormones.. try to avoid products that make your skin become sensitive..

last during my teenage life, i used pimple cream.. but it doesn't work at all.. then, my friend advised me to use Y.S.P. ECONAZINE cream.. it used to be a medicine for skin disease, such as eczema, itchy skin and etc.
so, why not, gv it a try,, you can found this cream at WATSON.. and the price is below RM6.. trust me :)

as for oily skin, i am definitely recommend you to have a natural products.. maybe you can used from any natural brands outlet,, for e.g: THE BODYSHOP, THE FACESHOP, ELIANTO.. BIOESSENCE also help me once.. hehehe.. :) especially with the sleeping mask cream.. :) it won't leave your face oily when you wake up in the morning.. :)

Lindy said...

Follow your mom's advice. Mother knows best. LOL! dON;T SCRATCH IT!! rEMEMBER!! fIGHT THE TEMPTATION TO TOUCH IT. :)

``Felicia Kok. said...

Anyss Han: I thought pimple cream would work. HAHA. Okay, I'll try that product :D

Lindy: Yup, that's like so hard! Cause it already became a habit! :(

aries_girl76 said...

Hai Felicia, u punya pimple sudah hilang belum ? Kalau belum u boleh try product avene,u cukup guna thermal spring water n recovery cream sahaja, coz dlu I ade salah guna product n i punya face btul" dah rosak, so sejak guna avene sy punya muka pun dah bersih n lembut, selamat mencuba semoga tambah cantik.... 加油...

yuzairi said...

Go to skin specialist clinic...ask the doctor to treat u with isotretinoin..isotretinoin have many brands such as oratane, acnotin...doesnt matter wht the brand is..they are same ingredient...isotretinoin is the treatment that cure your acne permenantly..