Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I find blogs that blog about freebies and samples quite interesting.
HAHA. Frugal people like me would always visit those blogs!

So, today I wanna blog about events and presents that I already received eventhough it is not my birthday yet! :D

OMG smartphone! : My mum gave me this :D
The phone is easy to navigate and can save a lot of money since it is dual-sim!
Cause now I'm using Digi Campus to sms and call other numbers which cost me 1 cent for Digi-Digi sms and 7 or 8 cents to other network.
Then I'm also using Digi Easy Prepaid to sms and call my 3 buddies for free from 12am-8pm!

So that was my first present!
On 23 July 2011, I went out with Miss Angela Lim!
It was really fun!
We went to Cheras Leisure Mall.
We shopped at Sasa!
And this was what I bought.
Apparently, Sasa has sales every weekend.
They promote different things every week.
This is a good way to attract customers to go every week!
So, what I bought was 3 packets of wet tissue (10 wipes x 3 packs), they were selling 3 of those 3 packets for RM10!
Then, gel mask for RM3.90 and it was buy 1 free 2! So basically one packet cost RM1.30 and it can be used 3 times! Tried! Cooling and makes your skin soft! According to the salesgirl, Skinlite is the best selling brand in Sasa.
And I also bought a pencil eyeliner, which originally cost Rm15.90 and I bought it at RM9.90 :D
After shopping, Angela treated me Kenny Roger's!!
I rarely go there to eat cause it is kinda pricey :\
But it was so delicious!!
This was my 2nd birthday present! :D
This is Angela! ^^
And this is me, with my thick lips and sexy forehead!! and my left eyebag is larger than my right!
That night I tried the mask and found that it was nice, so I decided to ask Chee Ming to help me buy since he was also going to Cheras Leisure Mall.
I asked him to buy 2 sets and when he delivered it to me, he said it was my birthday present!!
He didn't take any money from me! ^^
My 3rd birthday present!! Wee~
So, that's all that I have currently :D
Will be going to sing k this Thursday in Times Square.
Will update soon!

I would like to enter this if only I have perfect skin :(
Baskin Robbins and Captain America! This month got 31st!
This is helpful!


waalllaa! said...

wow!!! so many presents.. and the first one is the best! hehe,,
I should try to go to SASA every weekend..=p

``Felicia Kok. said...

HAHA! Yea, worth RM299 xD And it is so cute! Yea, during promotion, de price is really affordable! n de quality is good too! :D

ken said...

everyone loves freebies :)

``Felicia Kok. said...

Ok, I will recommend a few to you :)