Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday eve!

It is my birthday eve, oh yeah oh yeah!
And guess what?
So, today went Cheras Leisure Mall with bf! ;D
Ate Kenny Rogers AGAIN!
Yes, this is my 4th birthday present! :D

HIS. Looks yummy kan?
Before eating, we I went shopping!
Bought these at This & That.
It is so cool that they don't use plastic bag, instead they use that cloth bag!
It is superbly CUTE!
I bought 4 hairbands for RM2 and a bra converting clip for RM4.
This is the step to use it.
Found it quite interesting, so I bought it =x
Suitable for girls that likes wearing singlets and spaghetties :D
I also went to Sasa AGAIN! :P
To buy this.
Lip balm for RM5.05 :D
Cheapest I can find!
Then, we went and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 2!
Take a look and find the odd.
Still can't figure out what is it?
See the PRICE! :D
It was free!
Because bf and I were born on the same month, which is July and GSC gave us free tickets! :D
The free tickets are for any movie that has a *.
And to our surprise, Harry Potter had a *!!!
What a great birthday gift from GSC!

Okay, a little music video to share.

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