Sunday, April 03, 2011

Wake up!

Believe it or not this is how I look when I wake up in the morning! :D
Yes. I took this 2 pictures this morning the first thing I woke up xD

Anyway, tomorrow is the start of my finals.
Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia will be the first.
Memorize-to-death subject =.=
Somehow I can already feel the after-exam-feel xD
The joy and the stress-free days.

Mum let me bring Winter back for the sem break!!!!!
Happy like mad.
So, I really spent time to study TITAS, so I hope I'll get an A for that :D
I know others spent more time compared to me but to me, it is already a lot xD
So, hell yeah!
Good luck guys!

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kumfye said...

good luck

finish exam remeber to visit me