Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Steam fish & Parachutes!

The other day, we went dinner at some restaurant in Alam Damai opposite the oh-so-sedap-foh bao yok.
We ordered steam fish, claypot tauhu and fried sotong with salted egg.
Then we ordered tea and paid for it since it is from different seller @.@
So then, the steam fish came first.
Then a small cockroach suddenly walked out, crawling on the table!
I was like, "Mii!!! Kazat!!"
Then mum killed it and say let's continue eating.
Then this happened!!
Then not only cockroach appeared, COCKROACHES appeared!
Then we left that place!

The other day there were lots of noise above my house.
Then mum spotted this!
So near yet so far :D


papermeh said...

got kazaks!!!
ur mom so brave wan? say continue eating...

``Felicia Kok. said...

erm, cuz she tot one small one oni marh, manatau after that gt so many!!