Thursday, October 28, 2010

Once upon a time!

As titled.
Once upon a time, in a college in Setapak called Tunku Abdul Rahman College, there was this girl that got bored and created a doodled-0-man. His name was Mr. Doodled-0-man. He wears a half white half black hat with stick hands and legs. He always smile sticking his two woody teeth out. No more imagination. Let's proceed to his profile picture in facebook.
He is a friendly doodle-0-man. He is waving to his fans =)
Blahh! All of the above are just pure craps and junks and rubbish and nothing beneficial =)
I doodled during IOM lecture with Chee Ming xD
It had been another busy week. Had Macroeconomics test yesterday.
Today Yang Fung and I went for blood donation =)


So, the first test we had to go through was the weighing machine! =)
I ngam ngam 45kg!
Then it was blood test, I am blood group O =)
Then blood pressure.
This one fail =x
Of course I did not fail.
But the nurse ask me to go eat more food and drink one whole bottle of water then only return to her to check blood pressure cause I my weight is ngam ngam only @.@
So I ate Yang Fung's food =x
So then I passed also.
And we registered ourselves.
Then took the needles and blood bag.
Then proceed to the place we relaxed and keng gai-ed xD
Tadah! Haha, Foo Yang Fung was sitting beside me xD
It was so silly!
The nurse inserted the needle into my hand first, so he was looking at the process. I dare not look of course.
Then he suddenly say he scared after seeing mine! xD
Then when his turn, I was looking at his!
Omgosh, the skin poops up when the needle is inserted!
After inserting, the nurse left us.
But after a while, the nurse came beside my chair and stood there for a very long time trying to adjust my needle.
She kept increasing the pressure, then lower it, then increase again. My hand was basically numb like no one's business.
Like wth =.=
I thought it was nothing, until another nurse comes and ask.
Another nurse : Kenapa kak?
The nurse beside me : Darah dia. Pelik sikit. Keluar sikit, pastu henti, keluar sikit pastu henti.
So the other nurse tries to put the plaster everywhere.
Then another nurse comes =.=
Here comes the scary part.
The other other nurse : Kenapa?
Another nurse : Another special case.
The other other nurse : Oh my God!
I went @.@?!
Another nurse : Darah dia, keluar sikit, pastu henti, masa henti ada vibrate. Pelik betul.

But after I-don't-know-how-long, the bag finally was full.
So the nurse cuts the tube and took blood for testing and remove the needle.
Then we rested there.
Waited for another person to come and take out the cotton and replace it with a plaster.
When he remove the cottoned plaster, it was super pain.
It was sticking to my skin and doesn't want to let go =x
After donating, we had free food and drinks.
Then went for lecture.
During lecture I was pretty exhausted and sleepy.
Don't know if it is because of the donation.
So during the 10 minutes break, I slept for 5 minutes and then celebrated course rep's birthday.
Then thanks to Yang, I got home early and get to take a nap.
Eventhough I napped for I think 2 hours, now I'm still pretty sleepy and tired.
Still don't know whether it is because of the donation =x
I took out the plaster and theres a hole on my hand! xD

My hand is fat! MUSCULAR!
I am weird! SPECIAL! Miao!
I want a dog very badly =(
ITS practical class tomorrow =)
That's a wrap for today...

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