Monday, October 11, 2010


So it was another amazing date yesterday!
There were 2 incidents that happened.

The bad.
I believe everyone read the newspaper and knows about it.
Accident at the highway from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur which involved 2 buses, 2 cars and a van.
12 people died and 40 was injured.

The good news was that Chee Ming, Chin Eng, Mel and I went for hoOha 101010 run!
It was a short run.
Got lots of vouchers.
And we had lots of fun too.
Ate McD after that =x
Had coffee that made he hyper and couldn't fall a sleep eventhough I was tired.

This week is gonna be another busy week.
Getting ready for presentation and also finishing assignment.
Never ending homeworks are piling up.
Gosh T.T
I hate myself for delaying.
Another 2 weeks, exam!!

Busy, busy, busy!
No more going out!

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