Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sometimes when you do not have people around you to support you, you just fall.
And sometimes nobody even cares to pick you up or guide you through where you fell and help you stand back up.
Mum said she was gonna be late today.
So I made the effort to help to cook dinner today.
But right when I was preparing the ingredients, so many things came up.
So many things that I had to settle while preparing the ingredients.
E.g, Boyfriend thinking cooking was only half an hour and was asking me why ain't I'm done with the cooking yet.
So now cooking is not a big deal and it was simple and fast?
Why not try fast food then?
Simple and easy.
Who ever said home cooked chinese dishes was easy to cook?
Fried veges maybe.
But soup?
And on top of that, I was unsure whether to put the chicken into the soup first or the ingredients.
So I tried calling mum.
I have no freaking idea how come everytime I call mum, it goes to the freaking voicemail.
Then mum came back, and told me something that made me think I was a complete idiot!
She said, "You actually didn't need to cook cause gor is not coming back to eat."
Like, wth, just because he's not coming back, so we do not need to eat dinner?!
And she kept scolding me for not doing everything right.
I guess I'm a spoilt brat that can't cook properly.
Yeah, no one cares anyway.

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