Monday, September 13, 2010

3 days of work experience.

Finally, working time ended!
CM, Janice, Shwu Peng, Mel and I went to the Bookfest to work!
Yup, we thought, "Hey, since we didn't go to the bookfest this week, why not we work there and grab the opportunity to buy some books".
But....working hours were long lik shyt.
Break time was only half an hour for lunch and another half an hour for dinner.
But luckily we got free meals =)
Although sometimes it's not that delicious, but it's okay.
So we work from 9.30am till 10pm.
We were released early on the first day, which was the busiest of all busy days ever!
You can see no end to the queue.
You work non-stop!
Oh ya, we were the packers.
You know, the one that stands beside the cashier and basically just pack stuffs =.=
And we stand the whole day =.=
Except when we go for lunch or dinner. Sigh.

Despite all the hardwork and struggles, our "countermates" were very friendly.
Everyday we'll have laughters and much more other things to do.
Like staring at an amazing watch, screaming "BASKET" as if it was the last time we screamed and eating in the counter xD
It was indeed a fun experience.
On the last day we had our chance to go grab what we want in the Bookfest and purchase them.
That's the fun part xD
So now I have 3 additional new novels.
Rm213 coming to me, END OF SEPTEMBER =.=
Can't wait.

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