Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fed up!

I guess I woke up on the wrong side of bed and the next thing I know is, the world is upside down.
Nahh, it couldn't be that bad.

Just that, I fell today. In the morning.
Okay, I was AWAKE!
I don't know how and I don't know why.
I fell outside the bathroom and not inside =)
Surprising aite? xD

I'm getting bad-der and bad-der as each day passes by.
I can't believe I sleep through all of my lecture classes.
Oh gosh, who can help me?
I use to be that goody good girl in class that listens to the teacher when she/he is teaching and not make a single noise, and sleeping in class is a definite NO NO to me.
But now, it's like a daily routine for me to fall asleep in lecture class and not feel any guilt after committing this tiny crime. Sigh.
When will I realize...
Anyhow, I slept during ME lecture today =.=
I can't stand 3 hours lecture okay!
It's not that anyone can, but somehow they can @.@
But I just can't!
So today Wai Sing sat beside me and he was "fishing" the whole ME lecture.
It was REALLY REALLY funny!
Sook Mun and I was guessing if he will knock his head on the table xD
But end up he didn't. Sigh. No drama =x

During our break time, we had visits to the hostels =D
Visited the girl's hostel and also the guy's hostel xD
Kinda cosy yet nice to live in ^^

I'm categorising myself as kinda lucky today.
Although I missed the LRT to Sri Petaling =.=
But when I reach Tasik Selatan, T405 was there.
Not forgetting I got up on 2 buses without aircond. Aiks!

Gahh, will be missing swimming this week =(
Sorry guys.
Next Wednesday kay!
OO Night this Sunday.
Hope it'll be a fun and memorable one.
At least a start of something new and interesting in college.


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