Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tomorrow is her birthday ^^
Don't know why i feel so excited like it was my birthday xD
Love her damn damn damn much.
Until people say we les =.=
Okay, we're not les.
Just the best of friends since form 1 =)
I know I haven't been blogging lately.
Sorry fellow blog readers.
Cheh, ada satu je =.=
Thanks Ija xD

So trials ended.
Da da da da...
Results sucks like giler.
Improved ONLY Chemistry =.=
Other turun mendadak.
Other people naik mendadak, I turun mendadak. Sakai.
Sir Tan's advice still lingering in my mind x_X
Better start thinking of what field I wanna be in after SPM.
Guarantee NO SCIENCE!
Hate science subjects x_X
Never get A before =.=
And I never understand. NEVER!
English sucks too.
Support BM all you fellow Malaysians!
And and and..I support strongly on the A+ grading.
This is to differentiate the BEST student and the GOOD student.
But the education ministry should state at what mark they give A+.

Currently being aimless and floating around x_X
I don't even know my aim in SPM or after SPM.
Sucks wei.
I advice all those form 4 and below friends to start thinking of your aim in life.
I can't even pursue my dream cause I don't have one.
Cause I always think that we, as humans have to face reality and dreams do not come true. What the 'head' =.=
Haha. Today I strive for my BM marks x_X
Markah paling teruk x_X
Anyway, mozila sucks =.=
Keep crashing. Damn malas blog

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