Monday, October 19, 2009

A Day Out =)

( ) Walk-a-thon
( x ) Brunch at Peel Road
( x ) Tesco Shopping
( x ) Dinner with relatives

That's what I did today.
Can say whole day out x_X
But not tiring.
Cause all of us, except mum, recharged our battery in the evening for I think one hour plus =)
Why walk-a-thon tak jadi?
Cause when I woke up at 6am, it was raining heavily.
You don't expect me to walk in the rain and get myself sick right.
So we decided not to go, despite my eagerness to exercise and get a free T. Sigh.
So I went back to sleep =)
Woke up again around 9am and watched Spongebob ^^
Continued watching tv till 11am and went and get ready to go out for brunch.
Okay, the whole way there was a bit downnnn...
Mum and dad, like usual, kept arguing =.=
They even argued bout where to park =.=
Finally we reached there.
After brunch, we decided to go to Tesco =)
Dad got a voucher, discount RM10 for purchase of RM50 and above per-receipt.
So we shop shop shop, and I got my strawberry biscuit which actually cost RM1.10 but when we went to the counter, it was RM0.99 =)
Kay, after that we went home and "re-charged" our battery.
Around 5.30pm mum woke everyone.
But only I woke up.
The rest was still sleeping like little piggies xD
Around 6pm then only those little piggies woke up..
So everyone got ready and off to Uncle's house in Old Klang Road.
Reach uncle's house, go to restaurant, and eat.
Food not very nice, price quite expensive. Overall, not nice =.=
And damn sien.
After that went back to uncle's house and just SIT.
Okay, I'm so not sociable around my relatives, don't know why.
There's nothing in common to talk about.
Send uncle to KL Central at 9 something.
And finally reached home at 10.30pm.
Tired? Nahh..just bored.
Don't know why but I feel like going to Leisure Mall @.@
I wanna see the new environment there so badly.
And maybe watch a movie =)
But too bad, no chance.
I have to sit and home and do revision.
Crap, form 5 life is miserable. Sigh.
Anyway, it's 12.20am now. And it's the 19th of October.
Guess what?
It's Hema Preya's birthday!!
Just wanna wish her Happy Birthday!
You have been a good friend.
A friend that motivates people succeesfully everytime =)
LOL to you. Muaaxx!

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