Friday, March 07, 2008

Wah, today so early i update blog jorh xD
Got sumthing happen ma update earlier lorh...

Today holiday ma ma no nid wake up early lorh...normally at home i wil b de first to wake up de afta i get redy den i wil on de lite so dat my parents wil wake up n my dad wil get redy for today i had my i was sleeping til lik 645 cos wanted to go to de water closet...when i look n de clock, my dad normally leaves de hse at 630 though..So he din wake up in time to go to fon one pick up...wat larh...i hafta wake them up -.- de end they put de blame on me cos i din wake them up when i went to de water closet instead wake them up when de fon rang...hello!! how was i suppose to know dat daddy wasnt on leave -.-ll
n i was de one to blame??
haiz...watever larh...HOLIDAY JORH!!

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